Die Lady mit den Flügeln ist eine Grafik von L.A. Williams. Er ist ein super Künstler, der wunderschöne Fantasy Grafiken erstellt. Ich bin total begeistert und habe seine Lady " Onyx" für mein Layout verwandt. Aber nicht ohne vorher seine Erlaubnis einzuholen, die er mir sogar erteilt hat. Darauf bin ich stolz, denn ich achte anderer Leute Copyright wie Ihr wisst und eine Mail kostet nix. Ich danke Mr.Williams herzlich, das er mir erlaubt seine Lady zu benutzen und sie auf meiner Page als Grafisches Element einzusetzen. Auch bedanke ich mich für sein Lob bezüglich meiner Arbeit ;-)))

The Lady with the wings is a grafik made by L.A.Williams. He is a great Artist, that creates wunderfull Fantasy Art. I am so much impressed about his work and took his Lady Onyx for my Pagelayout.But not bevor taking his permission that he gave me friendly. I am proud about that, because I watch and care others Copyright. A Mail dont costs a thing! I will thank Mr. Williams so much to allowing me to use his Lady as a part of my Page. And I thank for his kind words about mywork...

Subject: Re: Your Beautifull website
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 10:04:12 EST
From: Lawstudio@aol.com
To: webmistress@pattys-page.de

Dear Patty, I took a look at your page and I dont mind at all if you use my image on the site. i thank you very much for asking me. sorry it took me so long to get back to you. been very busy. we usually ask that if you use the art on your site you give me credit. (i dont speak german so i cant tell! :) and that you put a link to our site somewhere near the picture. i am glad you are still doing your artwork. the best computer art comes from artist like your self. not from people who just own computers. you keep doing it. you have to, you are an artist! thank you somuch for the compliments. they are greatly appreciated! you email me anytime you want to! daughter and all! :) once again, thanks for being so nice and i am glad you enjoy my work. LA Williams www.lawilliams.com

In a message dated 10/23/2001 9:20:04 AM Eastern Standard Time, webmistress@pattys-page.de writes:
Dear Mr. Williams... as a Fantasy art Lover since Years I expected Your wunderfull Page and Art month ago... You have a kind of painting, that is so great. I have my private website and give it a new face in that days. I used a Lady of You. I would like to show You the result and Ask You for Your permission and okay to use it before I go far. It is just my private non profite webpage and I would be glad if You allow me to take this lady. I dont earn something with that. I love grafiks and fantasy Art.. Got many Posters and artbooks from other artists. I never knowed You befor I found Your page, and was so glad to see all these beautiful women You created... I am no Staeler or grabber of others work.. and I dont want to call them by myself. I do grafics too, but only at the PC. I am not that good as You are with Your brushes, but I know and share the love and enthusiasm doing it. Please let me know Your oppinion and please dont be mad at me. I am an admirer at Your pleasure work and I do not want to do something wrong and dont mean it bad. Dear Mr Williams please have a look at my site www.pattys-page.de and let me know if You are allowing me to use this only one lady
Yours sincerelly and respectfull Patricia Hecht
Please excuse my bad english nad the errors.
Faithfull PAtty

Subject: Re: Your Beautifull website
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2001 11:51:02 EST
From: Lawstudio@aol.com
To: webmistress@pattys-page.de
In a message dated 11/18/2001 3:17:05 PM Eastern Standard Time, webmistress@pattys-page.de writes:
Dear Mr Williams I am so proud, that You allowed me using the picture! Thank You for Your kindness. For me its a must to ask if I want to use others works cause I respect copyrights. When I involved Your Lady in my Layout I putted the Link and Credit to Your Page and includet the Banner of You. Your Art is so fantastic! I love it. You are in the same league then Royo, Valleyo and Varg as. Its just great work! wonderfull done and painted. I hope You will getting known better in Germany. Thank You for the nice words about my art :) Last sunday i sketched for the first time again since years at the nostalgig way with pen and real sheets ;-)) Wishing You a perfect sunday and want to thank You again .. I think I am Your biggest german fan :)))

Dear Patty, you need to keep sketching and drawing... that is the only way. i promise. i want to thank you for all your kind words about my art. placing me in the same league with the other artists you named is a great honor. and if i can get you to keep creative, keep working. then i think have done something with my art. i hope you have a wonderful wednesday. or thursday actually. it is much later there than here. you keep drawing and i will be very happy. thankfully yours,
LA Williams